About Us

Bioxyne Limited (ASX:BXN) is an Australian life sciences, health and medical technologies company creating value for consumers and investors by developing, marketing and selling consumer health products globally.

We are focused on the dietary supplements and functional foods markets through our proprietary and clinically tested probiotic, Lactobacillus fermentum VRI-003 (PCC®).

PCC® is supported by several clinical trials which describe PCC®’s ability to boost immune and gastrointestinal health.

Our probiotic development is supported by a manufacturing agreement with Chr. Hansen (Denmark) a global leader in the manufacturing of probiotics and other dietary supplement products for the food, health, pharmaceutical and agriculture industries.

Our probiotic sales are led  by ProBio PCC™, a probiotic product containing PCC® sold globally exclusively by Nu-Skin Enterprises (USA) a successful worldwide multilevel marketing company who offers only quality solutions to their customers.

Recently Bioxyne launched in Australia our own branded PCC®-containing products: Progastrim® for gut and immune health and proTract® for atopic dermatitis (eczema). We are actively pursuing new opportunities in the immune health sector that will enhance future value for our shareholders. These include  further clinical studies to develop new products to expand our product range and to support the marketing of our current products.

The Bioxyne team has extensive skills and knowledge in developing and commercialising life sciences, health and medical technologies. The Bioxyne Board and Management, backed by a supportive shareholder base, is positioned to pursue new growth opportunities for our products in Australia, Asia and beyond.

Board & Management

Anthony Ho

Non-Executive Chairman

N H Chua

Managing Director

Patrick Ford

Non-Executive Director

Dr. Peter French

Scientific Director

Maxwell Parkin

Executive Director

Guy Robertson

Chief Financial Officer