The effects of probiotic PCC® on the gut microbiome

The double blind, randomised, placebo-controlled clinical trial examined the effect of taking one daily Progastrim® capsule (containing a minimum of 2 billion cfus of the probiotic PCC®) for six months on the microbiome composition, gut health and quality of life of healthy participants.

Participants were randomised into either an ‘active’ or a placebo control group and were provided with capsules in unmarked bottles. They were asked to consume one capsule per day with water. The active bottles contained Progastrim® capsules. The average age of the participants was around 35, with even numbers of men and women in each group.

The participants were asked to provide three stool samples for 16S RNA microbiome analysis - one prior to commencing the trial, one at 3 months and the last at 6 months, using a dedicated sample collection kit. In addition, they were asked to complete a daily diary recording gastrointestinal symptoms and bowel movements, a validated quality of life questionnaire (SF36), and a record of any adverse effects.

General findings

The participants on the active arm reported significantly fewer gastric symptoms including bloating and gas, and less antibiotic use during the study period. These beneficial effects were more pronounced in women.

There were no differences in the reporting of minor adverse events between the placebo control and active PCC® group. The incidence rates of adverse events in the PCC® were not statistically different to those in the placebo control group, suggesting that long-term (6 months) consumption of PCC® is safe.


PCC® taken daily could assist in providing a range of beneficial gut health and general health effects including reduced gas, bloating and ‘tummy rumbling’, and less antibiotic use.

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