Why PCC®

PCC® is Bioxyne’s patented probiotic strain. Its scientific name is Lactobacillus fermentum VRI-003. PCC® has been scientifically and clinically tested in Australia.

Several scientific and clinical studies have shown that PCC® delivers significant health benefits that differentiate it from most other probiotics on the market.

PCC® has the following demonstrated scientific and clinical properties:

  • Colonizes the human intestinal tract and stimulates the areas of immune tissue in the small intestine
  • Exhibits superior survival to other probiotics in the acidic (pH 2-4) environment found in the stomach and large intestine
  • Inhibits a broad range of human gastrointestinal pathogens
  • In double-blind placebo controlled clinical studies, PCC® has demonstrated:
    • Reduction of the incidence and severity of respiratory infections in infants and adults
    • Reduction of the symptoms of moderate to severe atopic dermatitis (eczema) in infants
    • Stimulation of the immune response to allergy and infection
    • Boosting of the FluVax (flu vaccinations)
    • improved bowel function in adults

PCC® manufacturing and products

Manufacturing probiotics is a specialised task, and only a few manufacturers worldwide have the right facilities, equipment and experience to produce consistently pure, high quality batches of probiotics.

PCC® is manufactured under contract by Chr. Hansen (Denmark), a global leader in the manufacturing of probiotics and other dietary supplement products for the food, health, pharmaceutical and agriculture industries.

In 2010 at “Health Ingredients Europe”, PCC® was awarded the prestigious “Health Ingredients Excellence Award” within the Sport Performance category..

PCC® is currently available in three products: Progastrim® for Gut and Immune Health; Progastrim® plus Vitamin C for cold symptoms, and proTract for atopic dermatitis (eczema) for infants.

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